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I’m not on tumblr much anymore, unfortunately due to school and whatnot. I do however try to shoot and upload videos whenever I can. Check out my youtube channel or just visit

It has been even longer since my last video, or at least it seems so, and I got a new phone with 1080p video!

I have been really busy with classes, occupy, home & family, trying to pay the bills, blah-blah-blah…so videos have been lacking.

Also, I have unfortunately used up all my hemp wick from Humboldt Hemp Wick and am having to use a lighter, hopefully that’ll change sooner than later :)

Peace and love, everyone!

I’ve been really busy with school and the Occupy Movement but I haven’t forgotten my buds ;)

So since my computer is unable to process anything above 480p, if I want HD I can’t edit on my computer — therefore the videos may be a bit on the less-than-amazing side. Also, I was having some serious wind issues while trying to light my bowls in this video.

A bowl of some XXX Hash followed by a salad of Cinderella 99 and OG Kush, enjoy :)

Some bowls outside :)

I’ve been asked a couple times to make a video showing how I clean my bong and I thought this would make a great first HD video, enjoy :) 

Some amnesia haze with Cunninlynguists’ Never Come Down (The Brownie Song), enjoy :)

A quick bowl of some Headband through a clean bong in great weather, enjoy :)

just thought i’d take advantage of my freshly cleaned bong and shoot a quick video, enjoy :)