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It has been even longer since my last video, or at least it seems so, and I got a new phone with 1080p video!

I have been really busy with classes, occupy, home & family, trying to pay the bills, blah-blah-blah…so videos have been lacking.

Also, I have unfortunately used up all my hemp wick from Humboldt Hemp Wick and am having to use a lighter, hopefully that’ll change sooner than later :)

Peace and love, everyone!


09-29-11 Sen. Bernie Sanders became the first US Senator to voice his support for Occupy Wall Street on Countdown With Keith Olbermann.


smokin’ a bowl of blackberry kush to “That Good” by Snoop and Wiz, enjoy :)

here’s that link to download the song FO FREE !!!

pack your bowls and get ready to blaze!

this song is fucking awesome and i thought it’d be chill to blaze a couple bowls to. it’s called Ganja Dub (Cheese Loueez) by Sukh Knight. enjoy :)

some of my purple mystery :)

FUCK YES, I VOTED! enjoy, much love and stay high :D

picked up some sick buddha oil from one of my local dispensaries! so i thought i’d make a video, hope you like it :)

just finished editing a new video that i shot on sunday, the music is: salem - redlights. hope you like it, enjoy :)

just a quick video i put together for 4:20, i love this new cudi song! hopefully i can get the bong clean tomorrow and make some better videos :)

just wanted to say thanks to everyone for the support and follows, i love you all :D

note: this is my first video and i don’t know how to edit, hope it doesn’t suck too much, lol